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A Master Scolds

May 8, 2013
Painting of S/M sexuality

Painting of S/M sexuality (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

did you think you were being a good girl
when you were being such a bad girl?
(no, don’t say a word)

did you think I wouldn’t find out
that you were reading my journal
without my permission
(say nothing)

did you read something which hurt you?
pained you?
did any part of it speak of deceit to you?
of course not
do you think of me like that?
that is the harshest cut of all
(be silent and don’t pretend those tears)

you know what will happen now, don’t you?
no, I will not punish you
I will not drag you over my knee
and thrash you until you beg me to stop
(your trembling lip does not impress me)

I shall withdraw from you
I shall leave you alone
time to think
on your wicked deception
(yes weep)

that is the cruelest thing I can do to you now

come back only when I tell you
you must beg my forgiveness
until your eyes tell me
you are truly sorry

say nothing


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