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Master Speaks II

May 8, 2013

close your eyes
(or shall I blindfold you?)
can I trust you to be unflinching in your obedience?

close your eyes
let me survey the contours of your neck
with my tongue
let me bite it
smother it
leave something of me on it

close your eyes
let me slap you
hard and suddenly
wherever I choose
for as long as I wish

still your hands
(or shall I bind them?)
as my fingers draw circles on your breasts
and squeeze and tease your nipples
as if they were my own plaything

be my toy
respond only to say
“thank You, Sir”
never question me
doubt me
wonder why I am doing this

be still
(or shall I hold you?)
as my tongue follows the pouting contours of your lips
and pushing into your mouth
and tenderly stroking your ears

be mine
(or shall I take you?)
like a princess won in battle

be mine
and let me do these things to you
never wonder why I do these things
I do them because I love you


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