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one body one breath

May 8, 2013

you are tied
face down on the bed

my left hand
over your mouth
with one finger inside
gagging the back of your throat

my right thumb
enters you
and my fingers play
Rachmaninoff inside and out

my tongue is biting
and kissing
the nape of your neck
and exploring further
round you
then down your back
and biting hard
on its return

my left hand
leaves your dribbling mouth
and moves to your breasts
where I squeeze your nipples
so tightly
you let out
a sound no-one has ever made before

and then you cum
I have to gag you again
with my hand

your body stiffens
becomes rigid
for a moment you stop breathing
until you start again
as if you’ve just
finished a marathon

my thumb feeds you
back your juices

and we kiss
so deeply that we
meld into one
become one

one body
one breath


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