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Outside the Door

May 8, 2013

leave your dignity outside the door
when you come to play with me
don’t make me remove it for you
(but I am happy to)

leave your pride outside too
I will strip you of it
just as surely as I will strip off your clothes

leave your shame in a safe place
there is no room for it here
I will shame and torture you
until I have had my fill

leave your ego on the doormat
I will remove it
bit by loving bit
but you must play your part too

give your whole self to me completely
absorb your flesh and your brain
into mine
let us be as one

and when the play is over
your dignity
your pride
your ego
your shame
will be handed back tio you
with love
and hugs
and kisses
and tenderness

all will be well in this best of all possible words
and I will cherish you

until we start again…


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