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Don’t Stop Squealing

June 7, 2013

I’m sorry?

did you not hear me when I said no squealing?
were you thinking of something more important?
were you distracted by a bumble bee?

no squealing
and if you do
I’ll just add on and extra
ten stokes with this hairbrush
you so kindly found for me

I’m very happy to gag you
but that would just lead to
muffled squealing

I want peace while I am about My work
not all this fuss and yelping
if I want you to yelp
I’ll give you something to yelp about
little lady

I am an artist at work you see?
a craftsman
a Man who just loves His work
and your squealing is just making it harder

wait a second
that’s not the only thing getting harder
sweet fuck girl
whatever you do

don’t stop squealing!


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